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We are continually pushing conventional limits of concrete construction to find new and interesting things to do with concrete, and we look forward to working with you on your next project.

Featured Projects

Golf Course Patio

You can check this one out in Fire Pits and Fire Places under Outdoor Living3_Small.JPG











White Concrete

How do you brighten any kitchen?  You install white concrete counter tops.  The large island piece is one piece of concrete.  There are no seams even around the cook top.


Concrete Sinks and Kitchen Tops

This is a commercial project where the owner wanted something unique in her place of business, so in the womens bathroom she went with a double facuet so instead of two sinks I made her a concrete trough sink that is 48" wide. In the mens she went with a single ramp style sink and put gray concrete counter tops in the kitchne area.

Concrete Shower


This client was sick and tired of dealing with the tile in their shower.  The grout was always cracking and very difficult to clean.  So they came to us and asked if we had any ideas.  I presented them with the idea of polished concrete panels.  They loved the idea because there would be no grout joints.  The panels are 3/4" thick GFRC with two shelves and a bench.


Concrete Table

This is a table made entirely out of concrete.  The base is monolithic, which means one piece and has no seams.  It was designed to look like a three dimensional cube and maintain a low weight.  Although the concrete in the base is only 3/4" thick it has very high strength.  The top is aslo 3/4" thick, but with a 1 1/2" edge reveal the top looks thicker but is able to be lighter in weight.  The table can be moved easily by two people, but will not blow away on a windy day.  This table would sit perfectly on any deck, patio, or make a very unique dining room table.